Sunday, December 30, 2018


"Old debts shall be forgiven; old feuds forgotten, old friendships revived... the good vows shall be kept... There shall be patience, courage, faith; the dream shall become life... "
~ George William Curtis ~

I'm one who likes to get on with it and not linger in past hurts. And yet, approaching the New Year requires a certain acknowledgement of what has been. If we don't know what we're letting go of, we can't very well let go.
     And so, I let go of living out West, of the Santa Fe experience such as it was, complete with its spacious and beautiful sky, and spacious and beautiful, generous people. I let go of missing Virginia, and the process of learning through missing it that Virginia is home. I let go of my father- his life, his death, his judgments, his decisions, and his disregard of me. I let go of the hurt and the feelings associated with that. I let go of all the painful conversations and accusations that this year erupted in the people I love. I let go of searching for the farm of our longing. I let go of who I was, and who I have been, and in letting go of these things, I prepare for whatever may come, and welcome it with an empty and spacious heart.

I clear the past to make room for what's coming.