Thursday, September 21, 2017


"Judgments prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond." 
~ Wayne Dyer ~

We are constantly judging ourselves and others by unconscious standards. How are we doing? How do we, or they, measure up? And how does life measure up- to our expectation, and our sense of right and wrong and how things should really be?
     It's the "should" that gets us, and mostly at the thinking level. We should be better, stronger, thinner, further along the path. And our friends and family should be this, that or the other thing. And life! Well, life should definitely be easier, and more fun.
     Whatever the hidden scale may be, the challenge is that neither we, nor the people around us, nor the world is usually as we would have them be, so we experience letdown, and a sense of frustration and lack. Let's change this. Let's leave the shoulds behind, raise our awareness, and move into choice and acceptance instead of punishing, deconstructive judgment.

I examine the extent and negative impact of my "shoulds," and accept myself and others as we are.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


"There is no effect more disproportionate to its cause than the happiness bestowed by a small compliment." 
~ Robert Brault ~

I saw a woman in a restaurant with the sun shining on her making her shirt sparkle brilliantly, and when she got up, I commented on it. "What a pretty shirt!"
     She had her arm in a sling and said, "Thank you," and then a minute later she said, "I really appreciate you saying that," and pointed to her arm. "It's been a rough week."
     "What did you do?" I asked.
     "I broke my wrist."
     We had a moment of connection, a transfer of light and energy between us that made us both feel good.
     How often do we think someone is lovely or well put together, and don't say a thing- just let the moment pass? Let's not. Let's share compliments with everyone, freely, and from the heart.

I communicate positive feedback every time I feel it, or see it.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


"Death is not warden of life, not thief, nor enemy- but Life's most equal partner." 
~ Terri Guillements ~

Someone I knew to say hello to and share a smile and a few friendly words with died last week in a fatal car crash. One minute she was here, and the next, gone, and that could happen to any of us, any day. It's a good reminder to get over our petty resentments and complaints, to get into gratitude and appreciation for all that we have, and all those who we love.
     Let's not take anything for granted, and get busy following our dreams.
     Life is steady and repetitive and predictable, until it's not.

I count each day as a great and gracious blessing.

Monday, September 18, 2017


"Silence is the universal refuge." 
~ HD Thoreau ~

We live in a noisy world- a world of traffic and phones ringing, dogs barking, radios, people talking, construction, computer sounds, clanking silverware- it's bottomless, a bottomless pit of sound... which makes silence a beautiful and refreshing thing.
     And yet, because of the nature of our noisy world, silence can be challenging to come by, and even when we find it, it can be overpowered by the internal chatter of our minds. So we must learn to seek it out and create it consciously, in our minds, our homes, our cars, and outdoors. For it is in silence that we hear the wind blowing, the birds singing, and the still small voice of God.

I take a break from all technology and relax into the healing powers of silence.

Sunday, September 17, 2017


"It is better to stir up a question without deciding it, than to decide it without stirring it up." 
~ Joseph Joubert ~

What seems real and critical today can completely shift in importance overnight; can be forgotten in a week, and cease to matter entirely in the flash and understanding of new knowledge. Flux is the name of the game- constant movement, adjustment, adaptation, and improvisation, along with a willingness to level up or let go, as circumstances require.
I free myself from fixed positions and remain flexible and bending.

Thursday, September 14, 2017


"The tombstone will be my diploma." 
~ Eartha Kitt ~

It's exciting to learn new things. It opens up whole new worlds. We come to see and understand and know what we didn't know we didn't know. What can we learn today? How can we broaden our perspective, our realm of reality, and our reach?

I am curious and willing and ever-open to learn what I don't know.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


"At one end of the scale of the unconscious egoic pattern lies the compulsive habit of faultfinding and complaining about others... at the other... there is physical violence between individuals and warfare between nations."
 ~ Eckhart Tolle ~

Our egos debilitate and disable us as they strut about all puffed up and thinking they know best. It's ego that wants to do it all alone, ego that moans and groans, and ego that holds us back. Anything new is not safe.
     Ego chokes us while promising glory. It's the ultimate passive-aggressive bully. Let's learn to recognize it and stand up. Let's believe in what we might accomplish beyond its grasp.

I free myself from ego imprisonment.