Monday, June 28, 2021


"My garden is my favorite teacher."
~ Betsy Canas Garmon ~

I have never lived in a place long enough to see how the gardens I plant
Work out over time...
And now I am leaving a new batch of profuse plantings at our farm in Virginia-
Another leaving-
But so many of them are massive already!
There are Hollyhocks 9 feet tall!
And other plants that were thriving last year are rather smothered out this year
By the aggressive growing of neighbor plants that are on a roll.
Some things thrive in a garden, some get eaten mercilessly by bugs, or deer,
And others die.
But it's a never ending evolution of gracious harmony in the growing and the thriving and the dying
All mixed with God's grace.

Plants experience the journey of life just like we do!

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