Sunday, June 27, 2021


"So long, fare thee well,
Pip, pip, cheerio..."
~ Oliver ~

Goodbyes come in all shapes and sizes.
There's goodbye with relief,
Goodbye with despair.
Goodbye for now, goodbye forever,
And goodbye until we meet again whenever that may be...
There are phone goodbyes,
In person goodbyes,
Quick ones, long ones, 
Ones with smiles,
Ones with tears...
And we are reaching a goodbye here.
After ten and a half years, only 2 more days of these blogs in this way.
Will it be goodbye forever when it's done?
Or see you tomorrow in a new way?
You have a choice.
To see you tomorrow, meaning after Wednesday, sign up HERE
And if it's goodbye forever, then happy trails to you, and glad
We got to stop a while together
On this path called 

I decide how I say goodbye.