Tuesday, March 24, 2020


"My little dog- a heartbeat at my feet."
~ Edith Wharron ~

There is an unquestionable up and down and around pattern to the life of our new puppy. He's busy and playful and curious, and then he sleeps hard. And then he wakes slowly, and ventures out a little and then a little further, and then he's playful and curious again- at times reckless, at times uncertain and drawing back for love and comfort, at times hungry, thirsty, bold, lazy... He cycles through the whole range.
     And we do too, really, though perhaps we may be less authentic about it than Tank. We pretend to be steady and stable and immovable and sure, while inside we are as fickle as he is, and as needing of occasional reassurance, adventure, and grounded love.

I allow myself to be puppy-like, and experience the joys and curiosities of each day