Monday, October 19, 2020


 "Slow and steady wins the race."
~ Hans Christian Anderson ~

The other day, someone described me as being "hyper-productive"
And I am not that all the time
but I have been on a roll lately.
What happens to me when I'm in that mode is that I burn out,
And lose patience
For everyone else 
Who is pleasantly productive.
I want to ramp them up to speed.

The point is,
This hyper productive mode is actually a trick.
It seems effective.
I get a lot done and feel proud,
But I'm isolated in it,
Seeking recognition for my accomplishments as if they define my worth,
And quick to irritation with all the things I can't control...
Which is almost everything.

It would be ok, and preferable even, to savor the experience I'm about 
Instead of choking it down in violent gulps.

I stop before I've gone too far.