Thursday, April 18, 2019


"Faith is brother to despair."
~ William Hardcastle Browne ~

There was a time in 2016, not so long ago really, when Gruff, my husband, and I were in the Winchester, Virginia hospital and feeling quite desperate. Not knowing what else to do, I asked for help from my Facebook friends- that they send up prayers, direct loving vibes our way, anything they could to hold us up. And they did.
     Within minutes of my request, the energy in our hospital room changed, and fifteen minutes later I felt the "peace that passes all understanding" that I had heard about but never known. It was one of the most profound moments in my life, it was 100% real, and I understood then that there is power so deep in unity and in love that it can create miracles. And since then, I've forgotten it, caught up as I've been in life happening and things being largely good. So I'm happy for the reminder. It's a good one, and roots me deeper in trusting all the things I cannot see.

I accept the fact that extreme challenges may come to give me the opportunity to experience grace.