Tuesday, June 16, 2020


"Forever in peace may you wave."
~ George M. Cohen ~

We have just planted a flagpole on our farm, and surprisingly, I felt a bit of 
shame and discomfort around it initially.
It's a stout pole, so maybe that's why, 
or maybe because of current cultural circumstances. 
It took me time and reflection and conversation and movement to remember and acknowledge that
I love the symbol of the American Flag.
I like the colors of it, the traditions around it, and the way it flaps in the wind.
And mostly, I love that it stands for FREEDOM,
And an adventurous, against-all-odds kind of spirit. 
At least, that's what it means to me. 
I love Tibetan prayer flags as well,
And nautical flags,
And the slapping of halyards on the pole.
I love all the flags of the world.
I love them flying singly, and mixed up together.
I love the sound of a flag in the wind.
And so, I've made peace with my own inner resistance 
And find I am ok with the flag
And the pole
And all of it.

It's ok to be who I am.