Wednesday, October 12, 2011


     Life keeps us so busy that it seems impossible to find any time to follow our dreams. We are always putting them off to the future, when we hope to have more time. But there is never more time than there is right now. As much of it as we have, it is easily filled with earning a living and maintaining our bodies and our households. That's a full time adventure right there, and add to it our daily investment in relationships with the people we love, a few pages of reading a good book, driving back and forth and round about, a walk with the dog... It's a busy life we live.
     I suppose we have to prioritize our dreams and make time for them. It's never just going to appear. Everything else seems to come first. We have to set aside a few minutes, or an hour, each day. We have to commit to some kind of regular and attentive dedication of purpose, or we will grow old and die with our dreams unrealized. We have to decide what's most important and allocate our hours accordingly. If we do not, the tyranny of the urgent will dictate our journey for us.
     It's so easy to blow off dreams. They seem so impossible, such a stretch... they are dreams, after all, even if they call to us. It feels foolish and indulgent somehow to even try for them. It's so much easier to shrug and doubt and be all sour grapes before we have even begun. It will never work anyway, we tell ourselves, as the years tick away and we have yet to begin. We are kidding ourselves to think we can do whatever it is.
     But how can we ever know for sure unless we give it a real shot? And how can we do that if we won't even give it a few hours in our week? It's too easy to make excuses and they are readily available. But excuses don't make dreams come true. Focus does that, and hard work, and dedication, and God's grace. If we do our part, God will do God's part. Our dreams are worth it. Let's give them a chance.

If there is something I want to achieve, I am willing to make a little time every day to work towards it, and I trust that if I expend good effort consistently, I will realize some kind of positive result.