Sunday, October 9, 2016


"I'm not the station. I'm not the stop. I'm the train. I'm the train." 
~ Martin Amis ~

In this distractable, hurried, and over-worked era in which we live, it's hard to relate comfortably to time. It seems to move so fast, that we never have enough of it, and that we're in a kind of race against it- to keep up and not get left behind. But all of the angst is in us, it's not in time. Time is evolutionary and process oriented and not interested in deadlines.
     Learning to move comfortably through our hours and days is a form of art, and once we master it, every moment is a blessing and a gift, we lack for nothing, and all is ever and always exactly as it should be.

I stop pushing and forcing and hurrying and let time carry me gently like a leaf floating down the stream.