Monday, April 13, 2020


"Without aligning your energies daily, life clogs."
~Terri Guillemets ~

I frequently make plans that are re-routed. Either they don't play out as intended, more urgent happenings usurp them, I run out of time, or when the time comes there's just no energy or passion or flow in their direction. This isn't always the case, but it does happen with a fair bit of regularity.
     I used to be so driven by the power of intention. I staked all my bets on it. And now, I am realizing the stronger power of cosmic flow, and that what is meant to manifest will, not by my pushing and planning and urging, but simply by the grace of God.

I stop cramming and jamming my way forward, and relax, trusting in open spaces, intuitive knowing, and divine will.