Wednesday, April 22, 2020


"How did I get here?"
~ Pete Towmsend ~

Life has turned out for all of us the way it has turned out.
We may have had big ideas about being famous, being rich beyond our wildest dreams, 
being a different kind of parent than we turned out to be,
being happy and comfortable and healthy and secure.
Whatever our aspirations, chances are, for most of us,
things haven't exactly turned out as we anticipated they would,
and there's a loss in that.
In little fluttering bunches, our goals and visions and daily expectations fly away from us
like feathers in the wind,
or balloons that get smaller and smaller when we lose our grasp on them
until they are utterly out of sight.

I acknowledge that certain things I have believed would happen in my life may never actually happen, and that's ok.