Sunday, November 29, 2015


"'Tis the great art of life to manage well the restless mind." 
~John Armstrong ~

I find that I get restless anticipating certain happenings, meetings, events, and milestones. To remain calm and still at such times is a challenge. I have this urgent feeling that something must be done to prepare, to insure success, to consider all possibilities and how each one will be dealt with if it ensues. So it's easier to distract myself with busyness.
     But the thing is, I think that distractions in life are just that, and as such, they keep us from the important work of self-honesty and feeling our feelings. We are a distraction rich culture. Both as a group and as individuals, we tend to avoid our inner lives with surface blustering and constant noise.
    Let's not! Let's acknowledge our restlessness and be willing to sit with it, to talk about it, and to breathe deeply. Let's be wiling to see what triggers us, and what we are afraid of, and trust in the messages that come to us from within.

I acknowledge my restlessness, but don't let it drive me. I am willing to sit with uncomfortable feelings and allow them to teach me.