Monday, November 30, 2015


"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished." 
~ Lao Tzu ~

I commit to not rushing through my life. What's the hurry? It's as if I am afraid, and maybe I am- that I will run out of time, that I cannot keep up, that things will be out-of-control. But I am tired of rushing. I am tired of moving frantically, of feeling frantic, and of being frantic. I want calmness. I want inner steadiness. I want quietude no matter what insanity and chaos rains around me.
     And so, I commit to not rushing. Everything will get done or it won't get done. And either way, it's ok. I don't have to push myself beyond all reason every moment of every day. I can be productive, on time, and thorough without being hassled and harried. And that's the mission for the new day, and for the coming new year. I am certain that life as it unfolds, and at whatever pace it comes, can be experienced with assurance, pleasure, grace, and command.

I allow everything in my life to unfold in it's own way, and according to intrinsic timelines, rather than those I impose.