Monday, February 29, 2016


"I'm not sure about automobiles... With all their speed forward they may be a step backward in civilization- that is, in spiritual civilization. It may be that they will not add to the beauty of the world, nor to the life of men's souls..." 
~ Booth Tarkington ~

Driving 70 miles home with a mini-spare tire and a maximum speed of 50 miles per hour is an interesting experience with the hazards flashing and clicking, everyone passing me by in a rushing stream, and the roadside moving along so much more slowly than I am accustomed to. There's a general over-arching sense of slowness about the whole thing. And yet, not so many distant moons ago, 50mph was speedy travel, and a big deal.
     Our world has become so fast and furious. But as I make my way down the road with my mini-spare and a limited ability to rush, it occurs to me palpably that for all we have gained, there is much as well that we have lost.

Slow speed opens my mind to a new perspective.