Friday, July 29, 2011


          I don't understand how things always seem to work out, but they do. What is needed is provided. What seems impossible to overcome is overcome. Fear is faced. Loss is grieved. Darkness becomes blessing, and hope, as we have always heard, really does spring eternal. Perhaps it's fortitude and courage and human ingenuity that gets us through, but more likely it's the grace of God.
     I love miracle stories, and I have experienced some of them myself; small miracles, and big ones too. Things don't ever turn out the way I think would be miraculous, but even better. Solutions to problems come entirely out of nowhere. My little fantasy plans and designs are utterly swamped by God. Trying to "figure things out" is futile, and over-rated. Accepting the gifts of the unpredictable and living in the air and space of all possibility is the most satisfying place for me to be.
     So why do I lose my faith in things working out? I get caught up thinking I have more power and more control and more responsibility over things than I do. The trick and the test is to get comfortable in the waiting and seeing part of life's process. When everything seems impossibly discombobulated and messed up, being without any clear information and having to live on blind faith is humbling at best, and terrifying at its worst.
     But life has its way of working out against all odds. So going forth, when faced with the unknown future, instead of freaking out and trying to micro-manage and control all the people and details in my life, I am going to watch with patience and curiosity. No doubt I will be amazed and delighted as it all unfolds.

I need not fear the future, but welcome it with curiosity and an open heart and trust in the unexpected, and in goodness that passes all understanding.