Monday, September 12, 2011


     Sometimes anticipating the day of work before me, my spirit lags. I feel unmotivated and unsure. How will I ever get through it? It feels daunting. I feel physically incapable. And then I go through the motions I go through everyday to prepare myself. I gather myself together mentally and stretch my limbs. I eat breakfast. I listen to the news. I post my blog and read the day's meditation. I observe the rising daylight and listen for birds. I do my longevity exercises. Blood starts moving and my body and mind awaken and perk up.
     I face my first client with a smile. Sometimes they are dragging, and I understand how they feel. I carry us forward together with the sheer energy of propulsion. And before I know it, wiothout realizing it, we both feel better. And as the day wears on, I feel better yet again. Working with people, motivating them and getting them to move and strengthen, motivates me, and moves and strengthens me. I enjoy what I do and the people and personalities I work with. Every day is freshly challenging and freshly rewarding.
     I'd like to skip the lagging dragging feeling of rising and facing the day that sometimes comes. It's not useful or helpful. Knowing it always works out, and that I feel good doing what I do, surely I can quiet the complaining mind. It makes it harder on me to let it yap on and on. It drags at me and tugs me down so that the effort to gather myself up is greater.
     Let me arise with a quiet and open mind. Let me face the day with curiosity. Who knows what might happen, what adventures, what joys? I am willing to show up for the trip. I am willing to let it unfold and enjoy each part of the process, starting with the splash of cold water on my face.

I trust the workday to deliver exactly the right mix of pleasure and challenge. I do not limit myself with dragging, tired thoughts. I keep an open mind and face the day with mental and physical freshness.