Wednesday, February 15, 2012


     It is not only our stomachs that get hungry, but our eyes, and our hands, and our skin and hearts. We are hungry for beauty, for touch, for love, for good smells and fresh air in our lungs. So we must learn, daily, to feed ourselves, to take in nurturence from the world around us to satisfy our hungers. We mistakenly think they can all be satiated with sweet or fatty indulgences, refined carbohydrates, a glass of wine, or whatever we habitually turn to, but they cannot.
     We must look for beauty. We must learn to see with eyes that are aware of color and shapes and detail, that can distinguish changing light and stretching shadows, and the magnificence of the human face and the natural landscape that surrounds us. We must learn to reach out and feel textures with our fingers, to bring consciousness to smooth and rough and soft and dry, to the wetness when we wash dishes, the feel of the steering wheel on our palms. We must breathe deeply and take note of flowers whose scent we appreciate, and coffee, and bacon, or our favorite shampoo; of woodsmoke, chain-saw oil, kitten-fur, incense, and the damp morning earth.
     And to feed our hunger for love we must send it out. We must be loving. We can give hugs and smiles and compliments. We can scratch our pets behind the ears and on their bellies. We can call an old friend, send a thoughtful note, or email, or flowers. We can live love-full lives by our very approach to things. Love is so much bigger than one perfect intimate relationship.
     To feel full and to be nurtured, we need only wake up from our unconsciousness and pay attention to what affects our senses, both positively and negatively, and then to seek balance in ourselves when things get out of whack. If we are assaulted with harsh words, perhaps we need to feed ourselves with the music of Georg Philipp Telemann, or take a bath and listen to the quiet dribble and trickling of water in the tub.
     If we notice the details of our lives, and appreciate the small things that we love, we need never feel hungry or lost or malnourished. We can feel grateful instead, for so much deliciousness all around us, and that we are blessed with an endless free supply.... if we only pay attention. We can learn to nourish our hearts and all of our senses, and if the truth be told, it's our responsibility, and no one else's, to do just that.

I bring awareness to beauty and delicious smells and good music and warm hugs. I allow my senses to be fed indulgently every day, and understand that I needn't feel hungry if I pay attention and express appreciation for the sensual details of my daily life.