Saturday, February 25, 2012


     Our culture makes assumptions about men not being interested in things like diet and spirituality and communication and relationships. A huge chunk of our media outreach is specifically directed towards women and leaves men completely out of the equation. Perhaps in this day and age, when we understand and appreciate the sensitivity in men, and their feelings and needs, it's time to change our approach and our built-in beliefs.
     For modern men, there seems to be a certain prejudice in reverse. They do everything that women do. They are stay-at-home-Dads, folders of laundry, senders of greeting cards, caretakers, lovers, friends, and children of aging parents. They are spouses, athletes, dreamers, and writers. They suffer from insecurities, and fear; from worry, and a lack of self-confidence.
     We are all of us human and all of us interested in spiritual growth and healthier relationships, and tools for patience, and tolerance, and ways to be kind. But media information in the social interest realm largely leaves men out by default and by assumption.
     Let's change the way we think about men. Let's not pigeon-hole them. Let's allow for compassion and depth in them, and thoughtfulness, and their ability to love with sincerity and grace. Let's include them in our emotional journeys if they want to be included, and let them know they are welcome and their input is appreciated. Let's make our quest for richness of the spirit and vital living more about the human heart and less about the female hormone. Let's celebrate the evolved male perspective and honor the magnificent men in our lives!

I accept and appreciate the sensitivity in men and their depth of spirit and fullness of heart. As both male and female, we are equally interested in vibrant living and exuberant health.