Tuesday, March 22, 2016


"The metaphoric mind is a maverick. It is as wild and unruly as a child." 
~ Garson O'Toole ~

My fears and hopes sometimes masquerade as intuition. I have the sense that I know what's going to happen, both on the up side and the down side as well; great blessings and great suffering. I prepare myself emotionally in advance. And then when they don't happen, I feel let down, and jipped almost. But the truth is that it wasn't ever knowing in the first place- it was just hoping and being afraid.
     Going forward, I want to be able to separate my fantasies from my gut, and my magnifying mind from the place inside of me that really does know.

I test my intuitive knowing for hope and fear, and  if I find them, then it's not really my intuition and I have been duped.