Sunday, March 13, 2016


"Let the world know you as you are." 
~ Fanny Brice ~

False sincerity is distasteful, and even a little uncomfortable: insulting almost. This serious voice and tone and seeks to illicit some kind of manufactured sympathy or appreciation in us. But being a bit rebellious by nature, I refuse to engage by force of any kind, even if it's guised as something quasi-pleasant.
     The question that begs to be answered though is why bother being false in the first place? Our true selves, the real story, our authentic experience, is richer and far more impactful and powerful than anything we could ever make up. So let's have the courage to be ourselves, and leave posturing of all kinds in the dust where it belongs.

I abandon all false pretense and allow myself to be authentic, honest, real, and true.