Sunday, June 12, 2011


     Life is a daily experience; each day a complete cycle. And each day, if we hope for happiness and health, we must rise and set like the sun, appropriately nourish ourselves, move our bodies, stimulate our minds, and spread our love. There is no arrival point for everlasting satisfaction, no stasis, and no goal line. And there are definitely no quick fixes. Everything is either evolution or maintenance, one or the other. We are either growing taller or growing stronger. Evolution gives us height and maintenance gives us depth, roots, groundedness, and stability. Maintenance gives us steadiness so that we can grow higher still.
     If we do not take proper care of ourselves for a day, there is no great harm done; it is an inconvenience more than anything else, completely survivable. But stack a number of days end on end and we cannot help but suffer terribly with declining energy, ill health, and erratic emotions. It's so much easier to keep up than to catch up. So I've always heard and so I believe.
     Our culture promotes achievement in every aspect of life. There is a low-lying widespread suggestion that intimate relationship happiness depends on finding the right person, and once we do, like magic, all of our problems should end... but the very nature of life is problematic, so finding the right person is only the first step. It's the evolution, the achievement of height, and then the relationship health, like our body health, depends upon daily maintenance. Are we willing to communicate? Forgive? Accept and allow? Celebrate differences? Compromise?
     And just so, the plethora of diet books would suggest that we can achieve our ideal weight through some specific time limited plan and then ride off into the sunset happy with our bodies forever. But we have all experienced the fallacy of that dynamic. Body satisfaction requires daily attention. Learning to feed ourselves and clothe ourselves and relax and fully express all that we have to express are daily exercises. "Diet" in every sense of the word is a way of life. So let's commit to doing all the things daily that make us feel good. Let's be willing to expend some effort for the reward of good health. Surely, we are worth it.

I am willing to exercise myself daily in every way: spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically, and the reward is my ability to experience exceptional health and joy in living.