Wednesday, December 2, 2015


"Everything is something you decide to do." 
~Denis Waitly ~

I get to feeling burdened sometimes with all that's on my plate, and yet, I have chosen it- down to the last morsel. And remembering that I have choices helps me. I can stop anything at anytime. There will be consequences, required changes, things that I have to adjust, but adjustment is possible- more possible than I sometimes realize.
     Plus, remembering that I choose what I do makes it feel more palatable somehow. There are reasons for everything in place in my life that are legitimate, that make sense, and that are the result of what was originally positive, exciting, and fresh.
     So I needn't whine or feel like a victim, because I am not. My life is my choice, and I make it anew every day that I live.

I recognize the power of choice in my life and appreciate all that I choose.