Friday, January 27, 2012


     There's are spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical components to good posture. It requires a strong core, and self-confidence; a positive outlook, and a right-sized view of our place in the world and in relation to our fellows and to God. We are not meant to crouch and hunch. We are meant to stand upright and be joyful.
     But as we perceive life happening to us, our shoulders cave in, as if we are actually carrying a heavy load and the weight of it is bending us over. We are victims of the metaphysical weight of our lives. We curl forward in a effort to protect ourselves, and then we curl forward out of habit. But we needn't. No matter how bowled over by life circumstances we have become, we can learn to straighten up. We can stand tall and lift our chests.
     Good posture is better for our sense of well-being, better for our bones and muscles, our necks and backs; better for opportunities in life and better for relief from pain. It's better for aesthetics, visceral health, and presentation of self to the world. We look more attractive and younger when we stand up, and we feel that way too.
     If we are used to slouching, it's an awkward change at first, and we have to re-train our minds as well as our bodies, but it's doable, and definitely worth it. We have only to bring awareness to our posture wherever we are, to check in with ourselves while driving, while working at a desk, while standing, walking, cooking etc. And then stand up when we catch ourselves; lengthen our abs and lift our chests. We can change our habit. We can habit ourselves to the benefits of good posture.

I catch myself slouching and stand up. I bring conscious awareness to ever-improving my posture. It feels good to stand tall, and I'm worth it.