Monday, January 9, 2012


      The energy of my life is uncomfortable when I am in a rush. Anyone who is not moving as fast as I am is a source of urgent and immediate frustration for me. I am easily exasperated and tough to please. I am locked in a space of feeling there is not enough... of anything! I take my life in gulps and it chokes me.
     When I am relaxed, I simply witness whatever is happening around me and feel at ease.I notice other people rushing and commend myself for not being one of them. I enjoy all of the simple details of the environment and savor with pleasure the intricate flavors of my life.
     My rushing doesn't make anything happen any faster except for the depletion of my energy and patience, so there's really nothing intelligent about it, no matter how I look at it. The truth is that I can be efficient and streamlined and steady without having to rush. I can actually be more efficient that way. Ben Franklin was absolutely right when he told us "Haste makes waste." It does.
     I can slow down. I can relax about things. I can get in the habit of allowing myself extra time, or, if there is no extra, I can savor the time that I have.

Life is too precious to rush through. I slow down and take my time. I enjoy each moment and all of my days.