Monday, December 7, 2015


"'I must do something' always solves more problems than 'Something must be done.'" 
~ Author Unknown ~

Being seated in a restaurant the other day, the maitre d and I had to step around a spilled drink on the floor. It was near the table where I was seated and visually a bit disturbing, and no one seemed to be attending to cleaning it up. It was early in the evening, so the restaurant was fairly empty and lots of employees were standing around. Clearly, no one wanted to deal with the mess.
     I finally said something, and the person I told went off to find someone else, who finally came along and did a mediocre job cleaning it up. It was fascinating and a bit disturbing to watch the pass-the-buck syndrome in operation, and the sheer unwillingness among the whole group to take responsibility. If I had access to a rag, I would have cleaned it up myself.
     Let's take a lesson from this and use it to learn what not to do. Let's take ownership and take responsibility and take care. Life is too short to be sloppy.

With good nature and a desire to be helpful, I pitch in to do my part.