Monday, February 15, 2016


"Nice up yo'self inna de riddim of life." 
~Third World ~

I am good at creating a sense of frantic panic in my head, and I imagine that things are far more out of control than they really are. Life proceeds in a steady and sustainable way in spite of my imposing sense of urgency. Time is whatever I allow it to be- organic, cyclical, and beautiful, or pressurized and highly intense.
     When I stop, or when life stops me, I am sometimes able to be grateful for things exactly as they are, and sometimes feel that all is getting away from me. But the drama is inside my head. That's the bottom line. In the Natural world, days proceed on track, and nights follow, on track, and the seasons carry us round and round in rhythm and process and graceful, natural flow.

I align myself with the natural rhythm of life and stop trying to speed everything up, or slow it down to suit my petty needs.