Monday, April 18, 2016


"Days and months come as angels with healing in their wings. Under their touch aching regret passes into tender memory; into hands that were empty new joys are softly pressed; and the heart that was like the tree stripped of its leaves and beaten by the winters tempests is clothed again with the green of spring." 
~George S. Merriam ~

Letting go is not something that happens all at once, much as we might want it to. It may seem that way when we finally recognize that whatever has had us in its grip no longer does. We breathe deeply and realize with great gratitude that we are free. But our freedom has come about in phases and layers, almost imperceptibility, one little bit at a time, and not in a great rush. Like sand moving through an hourglass, only so much can pass through at one time, and when it's run its course, there is space and emptiness. But like all things, it's a process, and has to travel at the speed it travels and no faster.
     We believe in quick fixes and instantaneous results, but that isn't how life works- not really. It's slow growth instead, and slow release, and sustainability and evolution and process over time.

I recognize and appreciate the slow letting go process at work inside me.