Thursday, March 19, 2020


"Be empty of worrying.... step outside the tangle of fear thinking."
~ Rumi ~

There is uncertainty on both sides when a relationship of any kind begins- 
a desire to trust, and a concern that perhaps, 
trust may not be advisable. 
Something could happen.
Something could go wrong.
And we want to protect our hearts.
And be savvy, 
And be able to say we have done our due diligence,
And considered every side.
And yet, if the relationship is destined to be a good one, 
At some point, 
we must stop caring about protecting ourselves,
and stop worrying about what could happen,
and step into the love fully,
Exactly as it is in the moment,
Right here, and
Right now.

I commit my love and trust to what's happening now.