Tuesday, June 2, 2020


"The purpose of life is to frustrate you."
~ Ekhart Tolle ~

Some of the things we pursue in life are like trees that never bear fruit: something about the soil conditions or the light. If we move on to something else, the bounty can be prodigious, but for whatever reason, the first effort fell flat.
     We think we know where we're headed and what will work, but so often we're wrong and it doesn't. The Universe has other plans. And the lesson is not to stop trying things, but to stop taking the outcome of the things we try so seriously, as if our worth is all tied up in it. It's curiosity and play and experimentation that we're meant to be about, not success and failure and living or not living up to our potential.
     I used to think it was just that, but now I see, that yet again, I was mistaken.

Our worth is not attached to how poorly or well our big ideas play out. 
It's far more secure than that.