Monday, October 26, 2020


"Duck! Here comes another day!"
~ Charles Schulz ~

Four years ago at this time, we were anticipating my husband's total spinal reconstruction surgery.
His Doctor called me personally and spoke to me for 20 minutes to be sure I understood
That this was a big deal-
A 12 hour surgery, with multiple blood transfusions and an uncertain result.
The recovery would be long.
The physical limitations permanent.
We needed to prepare ourselves.
And then we got through it with more grace than seemed possible...
And then we moved to Montana,
And then we moved to New Mexico,
And then we moved back to Virginia and took on the recovery and renovation
Of this unbelievably beautiful farm,
And then we discovered it was too much,
So now it's for sale,
And here we are-
Carried somehow all the way through this grand adventure,
And nonetheless lacking in trust 
For whatever may lie ahead.

I have faith in life's surprising blessings.