Monday, January 18, 2021


"The feeling remains that God is on the journey too."
~ Teresa of Avila~ 

Three significant times in my life,
I have been on the precipice of willingness
To settle for something that wasn't fundamentally ok from a valuation perspective-
A selling out,
A discounting of myself, 
A vast compromise on my part to get along,
Feeling that to be my only option,
And God has stepped in to not allow it- 
Each time-
Rather drastically. 
It's as if I was driving down a road that became suddenly
And irrevocably impassable:
And at the time- what frustration!
What angst, and hurt feelings.
I was prepared to travel that road, no matter what it took.
And yet,
I also understood somehow,
That a correction was being made,
And I was not being punished, but re-routed,
Not impeded,

Fate intervenes time and again to keep me safe.