Tuesday, May 24, 2011


     When I am tired to the bone and feel drained of all energy and like there's nothing to do but curl up in bed, it always amazes me how I can get a second wind. My mind and spirit spark on some enthusiasm. Through the pursuit of curiosity or the engagement in creativity, through laughter and conversation, through music, or meditation, or any number of things, life is restored in me. I am utterly renewed.
     That suggests to me that tired is less about the need for sleep and more about the need for stimulation, or a change in the placement of my attention. It also suggests that there is energy inherent in certain activities, or maybe reserve stores within me, and that I can be supplied with freshness by involving my interest.
     Occasionally, I encounter people who are always tired. When asked how they are doing, "tired" is their standard reply. Perhaps they too could get a second wind if they focused their attention elsewhere, if they engaged the little kid excitement within them by pursuing some passion, even if it seems inappropriate or not practical. Who cares? Hope and possibility seem to have an energizing effect. The wide eyed sense that maybe I really could do that, whatever that is, is vitilizing.
     I believe there are stores of energy available in endless supply. And that learning to tap them is as simple setting off on some pursuit of knowledge, or calling a friend, or putting on a favorite song and dancing around the living room. We are limited only by the limits of our creative imagination, and we can enjoy our lives a little extra if we are willing to give our minds and spirits permission to play.

If I am tired I can shift my attention to something that excites me, and in that way call upon my energy reserves.