Wednesday, May 4, 2011


     Why are we so quick to believe what someone tells us, or what we read, or what we hear on the radio? It is common practice to readily accept information, even if we have not experienced it for ourselves, even if something inside of us does not feel sure. We end up doubting ourselves and take as obvious fact whatever heresay knowledge has come our way.
     We accept as fact whatever doctors and experts tell us, because they are supposed to know. We accept as fact that we lose our eyesight and hearing and flexibility as we age. We accept as fact that we are going to shrink and that our bones will crumble. And all those things do happen, for sure, but do they always happen? And is it possible that buying into the belief, we might actually manifest the expectation?
     Belief is a powerful thing, but it is no obligation, not even by the imposition of our parents; perhaps, especially not then. Belief is the result of our personal choice, and as such, we must be reverent where we place it. It is our responsibility as we increase our higher consciousness to question and to filter facts. "Just because" is not legitimate. Neither is "I read it in the paper," or "I saw it on TV," or "I heard it at work."
     My best friend often reminds me, "Whose rule is that?" and I always appreciate the reminder. I tend to accept judgment from others, but I am learning to lean more in the direction of "maybe so" that any sense of "absolutely." It's a freedom and a sense of disbelief- that I actually have the right to determine for myself just what to believe and just what to question.
     I seek the truth, and it is out there, left like a shell on the beach once the tides of explanation have receeded. But out there also is the shadow and the predator and all that is not as it first appears. It comes back to trust again and learning to trust what I naturally question. I am the gatekeeper of my soul, and I am the gatekeeper of what I believe.

Today I will not blindly accept whatever information comes my way and turn it into personal belief. I will consider and question and filter the facts.