Monday, May 23, 2011


      Why, when we discover a new habit or an exercise that helps us, do we stop doing it? We are disciplined and lose weight and feel slim and energized and our clothes fit just the way we want them to, and then we stop eating right. We revert to old behavior and wonder where all that good feeling went. We stay away from toxic people and energy vampires and feel lighter and more at peace and then they call us up and we are sucked right back in. We keep our house clean and orderly, we wake up and spend quiet time in the morning before we begin our day, we make time for breakfast, we exercise and feel strong, and then we don't. We stop. We sabotage our own positive momentum. It happens all the time.
     But what if we kept on doing the things that make us feel good, in a daily kind of way, as a matter of maintaining our health and our energy and our inner calm? What if we did them without complaint, without question, and without excuse? Just did them because we knew they worked, and kept doing them until they stopped working, or something better to incorporate into our daily health habits came along... It stands to reason that we would feel increasingly better and better and better. We might start to wonder how good can it get? This is awesome! And keep on and keep on, and mature gracefully with vitality and good humor and robust good health.
     I think most of us maintain certain habits for health, whatever we decide is most important. Some people are regular exercisers. Some eat well as a matter of course. Hopefully most of us attend to our hygene and keep our houses in a reasonable state of organization. But we all tend towards a bit of lopsidedness. We might eat right, but watch too much television. We might be meticulous with paying our bills, but drink too much caffeine.
     I challenge us all to commit to a new habit, or a handful of new habits, and stick with them to see how good it can get. I personally believe that the sky is the limit. I personally don't buy into this business that we diminish as we age, and that we all have to get "old" and decrepit. Why? Who says? Why can't we be in better shape all around when we are sixty five or even eighty than we were when we were twenty? It seems entirely possible to me, and I wish it for you. Why shouldn't we give it our best shot?

I want to feel good today. I commit to the daily habits that make me healthy and robust.