Monday, May 12, 2014


"Action will remove the doubts that theory cannot solve."
~Tehyi Hsieh~

Self-doubting thoughts are like termites of the soul. They eat away at my confidence and my enthusiasm and my ability to act. They have a paralyzing effect.
     We tend to hold ourselves to ridiculously high standards and be unreasonably self-critical and unforgiving. We come at things to do with ourselves with negativity in hand. We dismiss and discourage our dreams. Who do we think we are? Who are we kidding? We shrink with shame.
     Let's acknowledge our self-doubt but not embrace it. Let's leave it be and focus our attention on encouraging thoughts instead. Let's believe in ourselves and believe in the possibility that we might be better than we give ourselves credit for. We are generally quick to give others the benefit of the doubt. Don't we deserve the same?

I forgive myself my self-doubts and don't let them sink me. I carry on courageously in spite of them.