Tuesday, May 17, 2016


"Fear is a darkroom where negatives develop." 
~Usman B. Asif ~

It's easy to catastrophize in our minds about what might be happening when we don't have access to immediate answers and reassurances- when someone we're waiting for is late, or when someone who usually returns texts right away suddenly doesn't. We think about all kinds of unlikely crises, plan our response accordingly, and become as ready as we can psychologically to deal with the potential ensuing disaster.
     And then, nine times out of ten, the situation resolves itself and all is well. And our catastrophizing ended up just being a way to deal with our fear. It would be preferable though, to not be so fearful in the first place, to remain calm as a matter of course, and to patiently wait and see.

I catch myself catastrophizing in my mind and stop. I decide to let things unfold as they will  without my projection, or my runaway fear.