Wednesday, May 11, 2016


"Whatever you resist will persist." 
~ Carl Jung ~

Staying awake in the afternoon on my long ride home from work is a challenge. The road is so hypnotic beneath the tires and the car so comfortable. I am lulled into sleepiness and my eyelids droop. There is no easy way to resist this pull when it happens. Loud music and wide open windows may work temporarily, but the best thing to do is generally to pull over and give in. It only takes a few minutes with my eyes closed to completely refresh.
     Nonetheless, most of us, in similar life situations, would sooner fight it any way we can and insist on our will over the power of Nature. But no matter how we may fight it, no matter what we may do to counteract what's happening, Nature always wins in the end.

I stop fighting what I cannot over-power and succumb to whatever must be.