Tuesday, November 8, 2016


"Sit down before fact as a little child, be prepared to give up every conceived notion, (and) follow humbly wherever and whatever abysses nature leads." 
~ Thomas Huxley ~

If we are willing to be patient, we can master most things, but it's not easy being a beginner and we tend to want to figure it all out in a flash. Ours is the culture of impatience and demand. We want it now, and the sooner the better. But our impatience works against us in a myriad of ways. It shuts down our curiosity and our problem solving inclinations and pushes our frustration buttons instead. And if we don't get it in an instant we are sure that we can't get it at all.
     Let's slow down and allow for the process of learning in anything new that we endeavor. It's a slow and steady climb up a long hill, but the view at the top makes every halting step worth it in the end.

I am willing to take my time learning new things.