Sunday, April 30, 2017


"Transform what has been a hindrance in your life into a teacher of the heart." 
~ Phillip Moffett ~

How does transformation happen?
When we own it. When we claim it. When we speak it, and when we believe it.
Something begins in us as a spark- a glimmering of what could be...  and then we have to act, and decide, and commit.
We have to share about it so others can help us grow it with their enthusiasm and connections,
and we have to keep showing up.
That's the introductory process anyway. 
Once we set our intention and get into action, it's inevitable that transformation will happen, and when it does, it's generally in an instant when we are ready for it and the time is right. 
In a flash of clarity and pure sight, 
we are made new.

I open to inspiration and create newness in my life through action, intention, and the willingness to share.