Tuesday, February 11, 2020


"Our own physical body possesses a wisdom which we who inhabit the body lack. 
We give it orders which make no sense."
~ Henry Miller ~

It's easy to think we have control over our health, and that others do as well, and to some limited extent, that's true, but less, perhaps, than we might like to think. Even as I write this, energy within me strongly resists the idea. 
I WANT to have control, because that gives me power, 
and the ultimate conceptual ability to defy death in some way, 
but that, 
of course, 
is the biggest sham of all. 
     I believe in the body mind connection, and I believe in metaphysical causes for physical ailments, and I believe in holistic healing, 
until these things don't work, 
which does happen sometimes. 
Sometimes, sickness and imbalance and injury just come...
     I want to place blame and find solutions, and so do we all it seems, as everyone out there is 
ready and able to tell us what we need 
to do 
or take 
or find 
and what will absolutely work.... 
what has worked for them.
But really?
Who makes our heart beat?
Who heals our cuts?
And who manages the five hundred plus functions of our liver?
Is that us?
Or some force beyond the beyond
That has gifted us our body in the first place?

I surrender to my body's knowing.