Monday, November 23, 2015


"The outward man is the swinging door; the inner man is the still hinge." 
~Eckhart ~

Power  is defined as the ability to direct or influence other people or the course of events. I think we misunderstand this on so many levels, believing we can strong-arm life to suit our pleasure if we just exert enough force. But real power, it seems to me, is taking responsibility for all of the things that are naturally and easily ours to control, not by force, but by diligence, by paying attention, being sincere, and taking care of what is ours to take care of: our bodies, our behaviors, our intentions, our attitude, our words, and our homes.
     We push against people and things trying to make them do what we want, and abandon ourselves in the process. Let's not. Let's step up and do right by our lives.

I stop trying to change the world and work on changing myself. That's where all great change begins.