Tuesday, November 17, 2015


"Let your tears come. let them water your soul." 
~ Eileen Mayhew ~

We have expectations of things and people without even knowing we have them; and so, when we are face to face with reality, we often feel disappointed, and irritable even, without even knowing that's what we're feeling. It's a sense of inner urgency and flutter- a bit of desperation, a hint of despair. We find ourselves almost irrevocably perturbed, and it's entirely likely that we know not why.
     Let's admit our disappointments and give ourselves a break. It's ok- natural even- to create a future scenario in our minds and feel certain of it, not even think to question it, and then feel let down when it doesn't play out. It's ok at both ends. It may take some time, but we will eventually come around and adjust.

I go easy on myself when I have disappointed expectations, and accept that's just the way it is sometimes.