Wednesday, May 10, 2017


"We... think too much and too morbidly- brood (and) become sickly with our own pallid fancies, allowing them to swarm upon us by night and by day." 
~ Mose Velsor ~

Some thoughts are more credible than others; and many are positively dis-regardable, nonsensical, wrong, destructive, unhelpful, and mis-guided. And if we hook in, our thoughts can make us believe what's not true, tie us in emotional knots, and torment us the same as any full-fledged interrogation.
     So we need to take our thoughts with a grain of salt, get out of our heads, act based on our values and commitments, and get into conversation and movement in the world, because that's where the results that we want actually show up.

When my mind is noisy and steering me astray, I get into action and remember that thoughts are just thoughts.