Monday, October 15, 2018


"I am a part of all that I have met."
~ Alfred Lord Tennyson ~

I knew this likable guy named Jack once. He was tall and blonde, with a smile that warmed the room, and an open-ness about him that felt good to be around.
     In spite of his charm, Jack struggled with the disease of alcoholism and addiction, so it was with great joy that those who knew him celebrated his one-year-of-staying-clean-and-sober anniversary.
     Shortly thereafter, Jack started drinking again, and he was found dead in his house, having hung himself. Few deaths in my life have struck me the way his did. He was such a brilliantly bright light! And he had a baby on the way, and seemingly so much to live for.
     Life is filled with mysteries like Jack's death that I cannot comprehend, and the answer, as always seems to be love NOW, live NOW, and take nothing- nothing- for granted or for certain, because the only thing for certain is that we just... never... know.

I assume nothing.