Tuesday, January 14, 2020


"Take a step in some direction."
~ Robert Brault ~

The massive cultural concept we all sell ourselves is that a point of arrival is not only possible, but desirable, and the self help industry gives us the steps to get there.
5 steps to happiness,
3 steps to financial freedom,
7 steps to success.
It's made to be simple- a guaranteed process: follow the plan and get the result.
But for all of us who have set out to achieve something and achieved it (in other words, all of us) we know that the achievement itself is just another step to somewhere else we're going entirely...
And more often than not, we don't even know where that is.
We're just on the steps.
So here's a concept for consideration: that much as we long for security and stability, we actually want things to change and to keep changing, because that's the direction and the urgent, uncomplicated business of life itself.
We keep pushing to get to some point where there's no stress and we have no problems and all is light and bubbles and happiness, but that's not life! That's death.
So as long as we're alive, we better get the point of it, and embrace the dynamic, rhythmic, changing, daily, nature of our feelings and our circumstances and our energy and our guts.

I embrace the changing nature of my life experience.