Wednesday, January 15, 2020


"There's no expiration date on the process."
~ Ildy Modrovich ~

I have transplanted 216 small dormant trees from the woods on our property to the roadside so that come spring, when they start to grow again, they might evolve into a lovely kind of privacy screen.  It's not been an easy job, nor a particularly enjoyable one, and I have been eager to get it done so I can move on to other projects. Today though, as I was nearing planting and staking completion, I understood clearly that the effort would not suddenly be over, and that what I have created is actually an ongoing partnership. Pruning, watering, re-staking- all of these will be required in the year to come, and maintenance and care for the trees' lifetimes, or my own.
     We like our check-off lists and no loose ends, but so much of what we engage in is a continuous process. It goes on, as we go on, and shifts, as we do, with the seasons and the day.

I stop aiming for things to be over and just let them be.