Wednesday, May 12, 2021


"They are the role model for being alive."
~ Gilda Radner ~

I celebrate the dogs of the city!
Leashed, but not discouraged,
They are as authentic as any beings can be-
Completely adapted to their people and their routines:
Some of them speedy on short legs,
Some of them endlessly pulled this way and that,
Some of them checking on the faces of their owners,
And checking again, "We ok?"
And some of them- the ones I love the most-
Just cruising along, tails lifted and wagging...
Just happy, happy.
Maybe their walkers are serious and engaged in conversation with walking companions
Or distracted by phones.
These dogs don't care.
They are just delighted to be out and about,
And seeing them being so delighted brings great joy to the world.

I am grateful for the happiness of dogs!