Wednesday, May 5, 2021


"To be curious about that which is not one's concern while still in ignorance of oneself is absurd."
~ Plato ~

We are seekers of meaning.
We want to know, "Why?"
I remember when my children were mere toddlers
And they learned that magic question- 
The one that would make me keep on talking and talking.
'Why, Mommy?"
And I'd do my best to explain the answer.
"Why, Mommy?"
And on, and on, and on again.
We do the same thing in our minds., don't we?
We want to know why things happen the way they do, and what it all means,
But such wanting is exhausting,
And eventually we surrender to the simplicity of,
"I don't know."
And feel

I don't have to always know why.