Thursday, February 13, 2014


"It's easier to keep up than to catch up."
~Bishop Lamont~
It's snowing today, snowing fiercely, and there are already ten inches on the ground. Forecasters have told us it is likely to continue all day so who knows how much it may end up accumulating.
     I lived in Michigan for nine years, and living there, I learned how important it is to keep up with the snow on a day like this. Shoveling sidewalks and clearing off cars is far easier to do every few hours than to wait until the bitter end, or until tomorrow morning when the night has had a chance to refreeze whatever may melt, or worse yet, drop a whole additional layer of icy rain on top. Light and fluffy snow is far easier to move than snow that's heavy with wetness or encrusted with ice. And clearing wide enough paths for comfortable walking also matters, and keeping up with those as well. We never know how long the snow might remain so 's worth being thoughtful as we set our boundaries with it.
     And life is like that as well. It's so much easier to stay on top of things than to let them pile up. One load of laundry or the dishes from a single meal are completely reasonable to deal with. Mounds of either are completely overwhelming. And two or three pounds to lose from over-indulging is a relatively simple task, but fifteen or twenty may never come off.

     I use the snow as my inspiration and commit to keeping up with the maintenance of all of the things in my life that accumulate over time.